Monday September 18, 2017


WZA 2nd qualifier

“Death by Triplet” - Complete as many rounds as possible, each within a 2 minute window, of the following:

8 Burpee Box Jump Overs 8 Hang Power Snatches | 8 Thrusters

If an athlete completes the round within the two minutes, they’ll rest the remainder, and then earn another 2-minute round. The athlete continues, until they are no longer able to complete the allotted work within the 2:00 window.

This workout is scored as the total number of completed rounds and reps.


Front squats


These are the rx weights and heights but any scale is possible

Elite/Rx, International Cup, Master’s 35-39, 40-44

BBJO - 24”, 20”

115, 80lb

Intermediate/Scaled, Master’s 45-49, 50+, Y. 16-18

24”, 20” - Burpee step-up & over allowed

95, 65lb

Youth 13-15

20”, 16” - Burpee step-up & over allowed

75, 55lb

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