Wednesday March 17, 2020


(limited equipment) 16 weighted curtsy squats (8/8) 20 hip thrusts 16 weighted SLRDL (8/8) 20 swimmers 3-4 giant sets Take 1:30 break between rds HOME WOD2:(conditioning) 20 no push ups burpees 20 legs kB pass under 10 jumping air squats with 180 turn 10 ground to OH (with a kB or dumbells do snatches or just use both hands to lift anything like a bag, backpack, a plate or anything) 5 rds WOD (Full GYM) Weightlifting conditioning E4MOMx4 25/18 cal bike 5 deadlift @40,2x50,60% Conditioning 10 min amrap 8 front rack lunges 95/65 8 wall balls 20/14 Increase lunges 10/5# after each round

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