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Friday March 27, 2020

HOME WOD: 15-20 spider push ups m 20 3 point kB row (10/10) 18 dip to toe touch 20 Turkish sit up to TGU (5 Turkish + 5 TGU/ arm) 4 rds 30-45 sec jump over object arm supported 20 jackknifes to Superman/ tuck to Superman (10/10) 3 rds Conditioning 14 min amrap 2 single arm kB/db deadlift 2 single arm clean 2 single arm stoh 20 side to side jumps Keep adding 2 reps to the kB/db movement and keep the jumps at 20) All the workouts can be performed with no weights or with a kB, medball, dumbbell or a gallon of water or a backpack or anything you feel comfortable.

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