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Thursday June 11, 2020

GYM WOD: EMOMx6 min 5 UB front squats (Clean BB from floor and increase as desired, Finishing at a confortable 5 reps) Conditioning 12 min amrap 60 dubs 50 kB snatches 35/25 40 dubs 30 kB snatches 20 dubs 10 kB snatches Max single arm kB thrusters in remaining time

HOME WOD: 50 reverse lunges 50 hollow rocks Into Accumulate 10 min of plank Into Accumulate 10 min of wall sit *On both every time u break perform 10 burpees All the workouts can be performed with no weights or with a kB, medball, dumbbell or a gallon of water or a backpack or anything you feel comfortable.

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